Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Thermonet® is a premium quality electric underfloor heating mat, the only one in the UK to feature our unique TwistedTwin conductor cable technology.

Available in 100W & 150W outputs

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Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Thermonet stands alone as the very best quality electric underfloor heating mat. The result of over 15 years of tireless innovation, in house manufacture, and continuous improvement. Truly British innovation and progression!

Depending on individual requirements and building construction, Thermonet® can be installed as the primary heat source in a room. It can also be used as supplementary heating or simply just to take the chill off your floor.

Thermonet is commonly installed under tiled floors. Many people don’t realise that you can also bring the warm feeling to an engineered timber, vinyl and even a carpet floor by including a layer of flexible self levelling compound in your floor build up.

TwistedTwin cable construction

The unique stress free cable construction creates a longer lasting heating cable with zero electromagnetic field (Zero EMF).

Full self adhesive mesh

The self adhesive mesh speeds up installation by holding Thermonet matting to the substrate for easy self levelling and tile fixing.

Heating cable protection

Thermonet is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer.

Low profile cold tail

Utilising innovative extrusion processes provides real ‘lay flat’ technology that makes installing Thermonet easy. The cold tail is only 4mm thick and is typically concealed within the tile adhesive layer.

Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Technical Specifications

Width 500mm
Heated width 430mm
Max thickness 3.5mm
Outer Insulation PVC
Max. Temperature 29°C
Cable fixing Taped
Output (W) 100 & 150W/m
Rated Voltage 230 Volts
Cold Tail Length 3 Lm
Adhesive Mesh Yes
Protection rating IPX7
Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Mat


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