Thermomirror PRO Heated Mirror Pad

Thermomirror PRO Heated Mirror Pad

Upgrade a standard bathroom mirror by installing a Thermomirror PRO demister heating pad. A heated mirror ensures condensation free mirrors immediately after a hot bath or shower.

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Thermirror PRO Heated Mirror Demister

Mirrors are virtually guaranteed to steam up when using bathrooms and showers due to the condensing effect of cold glass. A heated mirror demister prevents this from happening.

No need to wipe mirrors dry because Thermomirror is a superthin (0.4mm) behind mirror heating element, controlled by the light switch or our PIR movement sensor.

Easy to install and safe to use

Thermomirror creates a steam-free mirror in any location, providing clear visibility when you need it most. The self adhesive backing makes installation even easier.

If your Thermomirror PRO demister is too long, the length can be trimmed on site to better fit the chosen mirror. This is unique to Thermomirror PRO.

TIP: Simply cut the demister between the black carbon strips and terminate the copper bars with electrical insulation tape.

Thermomirror PRO Heated Mirror Pad

Technical Specifications

Size Output (W)
250 x 300 12
250 x 500 19
500 x 300 23
500 x 500 38
1500 x 300 67
Thermomirror PRO Heated Mirror Pad


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