Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

With an electric underfloor heating cable kit, your installer is free to arrange the heating cable in a way that best fits the room. This allows for a customisable heating output and makes it easier to work around fixed sanitary ware and furniture. Cable kits are popular in smaller, more irregular rooms or with experienced contractors that like to adjust the cable spacing.

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Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Ideal for any room shape but perfect for irregular

Comfortzone loose cable kit is ideal for any room shape but is particularly efficient in irregular room shapes because of its design and installation freedom.

Fast warm up times

When installed correctly (with over screen insulation) a Comfortzone underfloor heating cable will take roughly 20-30 minutes to reach the desired floor temperature.

Much quicker than a wet underfloor heating system.

Versatile heating methods

Suitable for installation in a variety of applications and can be installed on any prepared substrate and under almost any floor finish.

Low running costs

Can cost as little as 2p per hour, per metre square to run.

Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Technical Specifications

Cable Construction Fully earthed twin conductor
Cable Diameter 3.5 mm
Conductor Insulation Flouropolymer
Outer Insulation PVC
Max. Temperature 30°C
Min. Install Temperature 5°C
Output (W) Variable
Rated Voltage 230 Volts
Cold Tail Length 3 Lm
Standards CE BS EN 60335-1
Warranty 10 Years (Online Registration Required)
Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Cable


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Comfortzone 150W Datasheet


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